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After a worldwide nuclear holocaust, a widow and her daughter open their farmhouse to two survivors as an act of grace and begin to rebuild their lives. Soon, however, an other-worldly order of Sisters arrives and attempts to seize control of their farm. The family comes to learn that the Sisters’ dogma is deadlier than they ever expected, in this horror-thriller that asks what rules we choose to follow when given a chance to rebuild society, and what memories of the old world must become casualties to create a new order.

Written by Ryan Bernsten

Directed by Kristin Skye Hoffmann

Produced by Margaret Gandolfo

The New Order

Corkscrew Theatre Festival

Lead Theatrical Producer
  • Oversaw development of project from first draft of play to final performance and world premiere

  • Developed budget for performance, production labor, costume needs, music, set, and props

  • Negotiated contracts & obtained rights directly from Actor’s Equity for hiring of all actors during rehearsal and production

  • Orchestrated successful launch of Digital/Social Media Campaign, selling out our 60 seat house

  • Created all content for Advertising and Marketing Campaign - paid social media advertising, Hootsuite, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Indiegogo, Canva etc.

Award & Accolades:

Press & Reviews:

In this political satire, populist Becky Roberts and maverick Les Sugarman compete for their party's presidential nomination-despite a history that wasn't strictly political. When the media forces them to run together, their dream ticket becomes a nightmare. Audiences will laugh at the antics of politicos and media alike, until they are faced with the results of our entertainment-dominated political process.

Playwright: Ryan Bernsten

Directed by: Kristin Skye Hoffmann

Produced by: Fortress Productions

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Dream Ticket

A New Political Satire

Associate Theatrical Producer
  • Executed successful social media, marketing & crowdfunding campaign for New York Fringe Festival Premiere.

  • Facilitated communications between playwright, director and actors; including all audition, rehearsal and production meetings

  • Curated all production needs; secured audition & rehearsal space; liaison between production, technical staff and vendors

Award & Accolades:
  • Fringe NYC 2016 Excellence Award for Direction

  • Listed by The Producer's Perspective in the “10 shows that stand out at the NYC fringe festival 2016” by renowned producer Ken Davenport

  • Named in Time Out New York as one of "Six events politically savvy New Yorkers should hit up before the election"

  • Featured in The Huffington Post article "A Curated Guide to the New York Fringe Festival’s 20th Anniversary Season"

Press & Reviews:

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