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Performance Portfolio

Theatrical & Commercial
Promo Video for The Stella Adler Studio of Acting
Principal actress in Tasty Bites Online Promo

Dixon Place

Maybe I'm Not Reading This Map Correctly

Dixon Place commissions and presents diverse emerging and established artists. Commissioned artists premiere fully produced cutting-edge works of theater, dance, performance art, and puppetry

When the two high schoolers’ relationship suddenly turns sexual, nobody knows what to think anymore, least of all the two of them. Fall turns to winter & friendships begin to buckle under pressure, as these teenagers grapple with what it means to be both a woman & a sexual being.

The Venue:
The Play:

Margaret debuted the role of Diana in this sold-out, limited run play & New York premiere.

Bonnie in "Anything Goes"
Margaret sings & dances the Heaven Hop
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