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I’m Margaret. Or “Margs,” as my friends and family affectionately call me.


My first love, as you’ll learn from this site is the theater. The past four years since graduating from NYU, I’ve managed to wear about as many hats as you can imagine in the performing arts arena: I’ve performed in an off-off Broadway show, directed three children’s musicals, stage managed, performed as Disney characters at crazy birthday parties. My most recent foray has been my role as producer on several theatre festival projects in NYC.


For years I thought that doing anything besides acting was such a bummer. I beat myself up for a long time because I thought I wasn’t doing what an actress “should” be doing. Then I thought… well who makes these rules?! I make the rules for myself, and I’ve been doing it my way ever since.


Sometimes I feel as if I’m living two separate lives. One life is as a responsible, gainfully employed adult, another as a scrappy artist making my way as I go in the heart of the village. Despite my rather crazy life, I remain motivated and always strengthened by the love and support of my family and friends. I was raised by a group of extremely fierce women. “Lady bosses,” as I like to call them. You’ll be hearing a lot about these ladies (and the men who are their partners in crime). My Irish and Italian heritage, my spiritual upbringing, and  my parents unwavering support and faith in me have molded me into the woman and future “Lady Boss” that I want to be for myself.


Join me on this journey of growth, change, and never ending familial hilarity. I promise, even if you feel like you know my life, and think of it as a combination of a really hyped-up Disney movie, and the Sopranos, you’ll come to see that it’s much more than all that.


Peace and love always,


Ciao Belli, come stai?

"Like a wildflower, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would.”

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